Proofreading & Editing

Whether you are a student who is about to submit your thesis to your college professor or a business that wants to submit your promotional copy for print, you may need someone else to check your writing as a final step before submitting your work.

Most times, no matter how good your writing is, you still need a second pair of eyes to zoom in on your work to ensure that you have crossed all your t’s and dotted all your i’s, and even beyond such oversight. And is usually the case, while writing you may also have doubts about the correct form of words to use or the correct spelling to apply. Yes, there is a difference between different and difference or confirm and conform.

Still having doubts? Well, not to worry. If you do encounter some hurdles while perfecting your writing, why not turn to EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE for assistance? We can help to proofread and edit your document so that they convey your message as you intended, clearly and correctly.

In proofreading your document, we check and weed out the following errors:
  • grammatical mistakes
  • spelling errors
  • incorrect punctuation
  • wrong word usage
We may also rephrase and restructure certain sentences that we deem fit to improve your paper's readability. The track changes feature of Microsoft Word is used in proofreading your text document so that when it is completed you will be able to see clearly where and how the changes were made.

So why not turn to EXPRESS-iT-WRiTE to ensure your text is error-free, clearly written and gives off the correct message.

Our proofreading rates: RM8-RM12 per page of no more than 250 words. The rate largely depends on the complexity & technicality of the text and the turnaround time.

See sample.

Other than proofreading, we also provide writing, paraphrasing & translation services.

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