Proofreading & Editing

Whether you are a student who is about to submit your thesis to your college professor or a business that wants to submit your promotional copy for print, you may need someone else to check your writing as a final step before submitting your work.
Most times, no matter how good your writing is, you still need a second pair of eyes to zoom in on your work to ensure that you have crossed all your t’sand dotted all your i’s, and even beyond such oversight. And is usually the case, while writing you may also have doubts over the correct form of words to use or the correct spelling to apply. Yes, there is a difference between different and difference or confirm and conform.
Still having doubts? Well, not to worry. If you do encounter some hurdles while perfecting your writing, why not turn to Express-it-Write for assistance? We can help to proofread and edit your document so that they convey your message as you intended, clearly and correctly.
In proofreading your document, we check and weed …



The Power of Words

Words have the power to make or break a deal. The written words especially can leave a lasting impression.

A text that is riddled with unnecessary mistakes may put off your readers from reading further; so does a text that is filled with long-winded sentences that tend to obscure the intended message.

To help produce error-free writing that articulates your ideas and arguments effectively, you need a second pair of eyes to zero in on your written document.

Leave your document to us and we will go through it under our proofreader's lens.

When checking your work, we weed out any grammatical errors, sift through all the unnecessary words, and iron out the rough edges.

We will turn your text into a refined piece of writing that exudes professionalism (for businesses) and portrays the academic quality that you aim to achieve (for students).

As we are grammar freaks, we are nosy and make it our business to check your writing and get it corrected.

In other words, we would love to proofread your…

Proofing Rates

Ok, here's the deal.

There's no one-rate-fits-all for a proofreading & editing job as the time and effort required to go over a text of different difficulty level differs.
The more difficult your text document is the more work and time we need to polish it up. Thus, the rate quoted should match the effort and time put into the job.

A text that has minor errors and is a breeze to run through and rectify will be charged the minimum rate, while a text that is moderately difficult will be charged the normal rate.  

Likewise, a complicated text that tends to drive us up the wall and make us want to tear our hair out will cost you more.
Our proofreading & editing rates are: 😊 Proofread & minor edit:    RM 7.00/page* 😞 Proofread & standard edit: RM 8.50/page* 😵 Proofread & major edit:    RM 10.00/page** a page = up to 300 words

Now that we’ve gotten the question on our pricing out of the way, let us hear from you.
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